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Naxos bay :)

I know all of you who stay with us come here with the main idea of visiting Taormina… But I would not swap my stay in Giardini Naxos town for any other city like Catania or Taormina !
I love it’s peaceful atmosphere, safety of wandering around the harbour evening time, familiar faces in the groceries, bakery, café shops, restaurants or during the walks along coast – yes, it feels like home!!! :)))
Giardini-Naxos is the place to be. Naxos was the first Greek settling in Sicily, founded in 735 BC. It is a bustling little coastal town, featuring one of the most beautiful bays of the island, with white sand and a wonderful view of Taormina. Giardini-Naxos is a sought after holiday resort in Sicily, not only because it is just a stone’s throw away from Taormina and because of it’s fantastic beach, but also for the great views, the bars, cafés, restaurants, clubs, beach parties and its nightlife. Not to speak of the fact that hotel rates are much lower than in Taormina.
The coastline is almost 4 km long and there are several beaches: the big fine sandy one in the bay of Naxos, some small rocky bays with pebbly beaches and another long beach in the hotel zone Recanati. Some of them are for free, while others are equipped with umbrellas, sun beds, showers, cabins and water sport facilities. At these lidos you will always find a restaurant and bar, selling ice cream, chilled drinks and something to eat


Taormina, charming hillside town on the east coast of Sicily, most popular tourist destination. Besides the ancient Greek theatre, it has many old churches, lively bars, fine restaurants, and antique shops. There are many exhibitions and events organized during the summer in Taormina. Just south of Taormina is the Isola Bella, a nature reserve; and further south, situated beside a bay, is the popular seaside resort of Giardini Naxos, where Gianni House is based. :-))
More about beautiful Giardini Naxos in one of my next posts ! That’s a promise :))

Taormina Public Gardens – is a ‘must see’!

If you are looking for a bit of shadow or wanting to escape from busy Umberto Corso & Greek Theatre, those gardens are just perfect. Preaty and peaceful spot designed by Florence Trevelyan, who lived in Taormina at the end of the nineteenth century. A panoramic walkway lined with benches faces the view over the sea and Etna, while flower-beds, lawns, hedges, trees and bushes spread over the large terrace.
Have happy time! :-))

ENNA – the heart of Sicily !

Enna is a wonderful town to just wander around, soak up the atmosphere and take in the breath taking views. Here you will find Sicily untouched by time and mass tourism.
What’s worth to see?
-attractive streets of the old town, especially Via Roma,
-Duomo [The Cathedral],
-‘Castello di Lombardia’ [entrance & guide free]. Reach the top of Pisana Tower inside the Castel for over the town panoramic view over most of central Sicily,
-Rocca di Cerere located not far from the Castel is a great view point too,
-some museums to visit, like Alessi Museum and archaeological museum,
-Torre di Federico – an interesting 24 meters octagonal tower.
It’s easy to reach Enna by car, bus or train. Ask staff at Gianni House for more info. We are always here happy to help you 🙂

Siracusa Sojourn

A highly recommended and easy detour either for the day, or to or from from Taormina is the nearby city of Siracusa, 2 hour south (by train direct, by bus a quick change in Catania) and a must visit for anyone on a tour of Sicily.
Famed for it’s ancient Greek monument, the city, which dates back 2700 years, has a vast complex of Greek ruins, including the famed amphlitheatre which plays host to ancient Greek Tragedy plays in the summer months, as well as a spectacular cave complex called, Oriecchio di Dionisio (The Ear of Dionysius). Ledgend states that Dionysius used the cave as a prison for political dissidents, and by means of the perfect acoustics eavesdropped on the plans and secrets of his captives.

It’s adviseable to hire a guide here as there is no information for the tourist whilst wandering the sites – so either you eaves drop on others who have been sensible enough to take a guide, or you need to have a very good gras of Greek history and a vivid imagiation!
However the highlight of visiting Siracusa is the joy of wandering around Ortygia – a small headland which is connected to Siracusa by two bridges – with its maze of charming streets, where neighbours can almost stretch out and embrace their neighbours on an opposite balcony, where clothes flutter above to dry, a multitude of restaurants serving delicious Sicilian and seafood fare and a welcome stop for a gelato or granita await. All streets ultimately lead to Piazza del Duomo – with its beautiful cathederal a Baroque facade which hides inside a relatively modest church, the foundations of which date back to 5th Century BC, when it was built as a temple to the Godess Athena.
Wander the seafront, where, in summer, you can enjoy swimming off the rocks from makeshift wooden platforms – the sea is crystalline and the locals are always ready for a chat.

RECOMMENDED FOR APERITIVO: Stop by for aperitivo at Tinkite – an excellent bar serving really good food with aperitivo (3 Euro a plate) and a very nice easy going crowd. Get early to grab the deckchairs!
Via Mario Minniti 3
RECOMMENDED FOR DINNER: Taverna Sveva for excellent fresh fish and seafood pasta and incredibly jolly staff!
Piazza Federico Sveva 1

COMING UP: 9th – 16th July: Ortigia Film Festival – watch a host of Italian and International Films under the stars at this cosy and unpretentious film festival