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Secret corner of Paradise near Gianni House

Would you like to discover a small hidden Paradise in Sicilia, near Gianni House?

DSCN0960DSCN1006A surprise it was for us all. Driving on a narrow zig-zaging road with a breath taking view of the Ionian Sea, we arrived at our destination. Gianni did not tell us in advance where we are going, and it would have not made a difference as we had never heard of this place before. He wanted this to be a surprise. At many street corners he carefully watched our reaction and pleasant surprise at the view of the streets, with postcard like old homes and flowers.

Some of the houses looked like canvas paintings and we “wee”, “aahhh” and “wow”-ed like little children discovering a new and enchanting world. One of the homes, on top of DSCN0974the hill, the best looking and the cutest one, of course, Gianni jokingly said it was his. We decided right on the spot that we would marry him for it. Since he did not tell us that he was accepting the proposal, we later found a few other old nice and neglected homes that we were ready and willing to make our own. Envisioning and dreaming how to remodel them in a rustic style, we inquired how much might they cost. We are still dreaming to possibly buy one together, remodel, move in, live like artists (maybe paint, sew, write) and for sure eat our daily dose of healthy Sicilian food. What a dream! What a corner of Paradise!

I will not give the name of the village here but if you love the pictures and truly die to know, just ask. I might just love to tell the secret. :)

Savoca with Gianni

The Godfather. This is a cult film. I did not know it, I must confess. Well, after I was here in Savoca with Gianni, I wanted to see the film. Frightening! It takes around 3 hours, and you will be facing the cruel reality of the Mafia! But these moments are to cope with and if you recognize the place where it was – Savoca, it is very fascinating. And the music is a dream. – claudia

Boat Trip

Sea, sun, sailing, my three favorite things in the world. And now I enjoyed all of them at once here in Sicily, in this perfect warm weather. The boat trip, booked directly via Gianni, started on the harbor of Giardini Naxos that is just a 10-minute walk from Gianni House Hostel. In the harbor our captain Antonio was waiting for us. And it’s our very own private boat, nice!

The views here amaze me all the time. From the sea the whole beach boulevard, mountains and Mount Etna opens in front of your eyes. During the trip we went in a small cave that was amazing, and we saw also Taormina, Castelmola, and “The pearl of the Ionian Sea” (Isola Bella) that is now turned into a nature reserve. The boat swung from the waves and warm wind blew nicely on my face. The sights were great and so was the swimming, although at the time the water was ice cold. There was some sort of lemon wine offered by Antonia, and it tasted so delicious even though I usually don’t like sweet liquor. I was so happy and my smile was so wide that it almost hurt. I am already waiting for the next boat trip.

Tip: Remember to take with you: sun glasses, swimsuit and sun cream.