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Views from Castelmola

Castelmola is located just above Taormina and is reachable by bus, or if you’re ambitious you can walk.  The small town has amazing charm and some really fun restaurants and bars to visit.  It’s topped off with a castle at the top with some truly amazing views.  Watch the video to see some of these breath-taking views.

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Sicily Participates In Italian Culture Week

Italian Culture Week is the most anticipated cultural event of the year, and Sicily is certainly not slack in its contribution – from April 16th to the 25th dozens of museums, galleries, archeological sites, government buildings, and places otherwise closed to the public all over the island will be open for visitors to enjoy a rare glimpse of certain monuments and get guided tours from experts. For more info, go to the following link and click on each individual province for schedules:

http://www.regione.sicilia.it/beniculturali/dirbenicult/areariservata/eventi/settimanaeventi2010/menu.aspPosted byConchita Vecchioat8:34 PM

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