The Perfect Sicilian Breakfast!

Granita and brioche for breakfast is an unmistakably Sicilian experience, which no visitor should miss the chance to enjoy.
Granita, a semi-frozen, flavored mixture similar to sorbet, is a Sicilian creation that pre-dates the Romans and can be traced back to the Arab rule of Sicily. Originally it was made by mixing the snow from Mt. Etna (Mt. Nero’s namesake) with fruit juice or sometimes rosewater. Eventually it was discovered that mixing sea salt with the snow created a refrigerant with which the granita could be frozen; this allowed the snow to be removed as an actual ingredient and the recipe changed to its current one. Now it is made with water rather than snow, flavorings are added and then the mixture is frozen by surrounding it with ice and salt or, more recently, by placing it in the freezer.
It can be flavored with an endless variety of fruits, flowers, nuts, chocolate, or espresso and is sometimes served con panna, with whipped cream.
Traditionally, granita is eaten with fresh bread (pane fresco) or with the famous brioscia siciliana, the Sicilian version of broiche. Brioscia is a yeasty sweet bread made with eggs and milk and is somewhat similar to a criossant.

Buona Colazione!
Enjoy :-))